Climbing To Recovery – Blog

Recovering from bulimia, binge eating, or poor body image can feel like climbing Mount Everest! You’re standing there, looking up and you just cannot see the prize. You are at the bottom, looking for the peak because you hear about how great it feels to accomplish such a feat. You feel excited and you are…

Stop Weighing Yourself

“Stop weighing myself? But how will I know if I’m on track?” The scale is a double-edged sword. When it’s saying what you think that it should, it’s your friend and motivator. When it’s not saying what you want, it’s your nemesis. A patient of mine, years ago, was doing a dieting ‘points program’. She…

The Body Positive Movement – Is It Healthy? A Response to The National Sunday Talk

Plus size models are going mainstream. I watched “The Sunday Talk” on “The National” last night with deep interest as they discussed the growing popularity of The Body Positive Movement. Check out the video. Let me begin with the comments being left. This is the heart of the issue. Nasty comments about the “fat cows”,…

Episode III: Body Positive Movement

Health encompasses more than just physical health;  it is also about emotional and psychological health.  Learn more about the Body Positive Movement.

Episode II: Resistance is Futile

Are your weightloss attempts futile?  Do you lose weight and then gain more back again?  Kerri will explain why this happens to you over and over again!